Hey! I’m Sarah…

My superpower is getting out of Target with only the things on my list (and an iced coffee). My why behind everything I do is being able to live a life of abundance and seeing others do the same.  For me, that means more time with my family doing the things we love.

If you’re like most of my readers, you are a mom who is goal-driven and wants to tackle your family finances to make life easier. Maybe you’re a stay-at-home mom or would like to be if you could make it work. You’re trying to balance all things motherhood: meal planning and prep, cleaning, kids’ extracurriculars, family finances, and SO much more.

My Goal with Let’s Talk Mom Business

My mission here is to empower moms to take control of their finances and simplify their lives.

I do this in a few different ways:

1. Providing simple strategies and tools for managing your family’s finances while also leaving room to live a little.

2. Teaching you all my best tips for saving money in every area of your life.

3. Sharing ways you can earn extra money as a mom. Whether you want to make money from home or get back to a traditional job after a career break, I have tips for you.

4. Showing you my favorite tips, tricks, and hacks for doing what NEEDS to be done quickly so you have more time for what you actually WANT to do. This is the true definition of productivity to me!

I break all of this down into 3 simple categories: manage money, save money, and make money.

Best Tips for Managing Your Money

Take control of your family’s finances by creating a family budget that works for your specific goals. You’ll find tips, tricks, & hacks for budgeting and personal finance, systems to track spending, and so much more!

Tips and Hacks for Saving Money

Save more money with simple tips, hacks, and tools that can easily be integrated into your busy life. Save more money without giving up everything you love.

Best Ways to Earn Money as a Mom

I’m sharing my best tips, tools, and resources to earn extra income. I primarily share ways to work from home so that you can earn extra income while raising your kids. It is possible to find a balance between work and family.

Where to Start

Meal Planning Guide

Save yourself time and money with a meal plan.

Ultimate budget binder

Free 25-page printable binder to get your finances in order.

VIP Printable Library

How to simplify your home and get more done.

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A Few Fun Facts

1) My husband and I met in the Denver International Airport at baggage claim 19. He was flying home to Denver, and I was arriving in Denver on vacation. We met on our way to the baggage claim and the rest is history.  We’ve been married for 9 years.

2) I am the true definition of an introvert. I cherish my alone time, and I go a bit nutty if I haven’t gotten some in a while.  Having 3 young kids definitely makes it tough!

3) I have my Masters in Business Administration and my Bachelors in Psychology.  I really love business and marketing, but I have a passion for people as well.  I never knew these things would draw me to blogging, but here I am!

4) I tasted guacamole for the first time at the age of 24 after meeting my now husband.  I had never had avocado or guacamole in my life, and my husband convinced me to try it one day at Chipotle.  Now I am obsessed with putting avocado on everything.

5) When we move somewhere and someone asks where I’m from, the answer gets complicated.  I grew up in Chicago until I went to college in South Carolina (go Clemson!).  After graduating I got a job in Memphis, TN.  I moved to Denver once I met my now husband.  Since we’ve been married, we have moved to Irvine, CA -> Tulsa, OK -> Durango, CO -> and now we’re back in California.  You would think we love moving, but we don’t.  It’s just how it has worked out.

6) Before having kids, I first worked as an in-home family therapist and Clinical Supervisor for kids with emotional and behavioral disorders.  After that I was a Victim Advocate with a Sheriff’s Office until our first baby was born.

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