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Want to stay at home with your kids and still build a profitable business?

Then Beautycounter is the answer for you. With safer beauty products’ increasing popularity, Beautycounter is growing faster than ever and expanding their product lines constantly. 

How to actually make money as a Beautycounter Consultant. The breakdown of how to earn commission, what people actually make, and how to become a consultant. #beautycounter #saferbeauty

I decided to write this post on how to become a Beautycounter consultant, because I am frequently asked how to get started and if the business model is a good option for moms. I wanted to share a little bit with myself, the compensation plan for Beautycounter and how you can sign up and start selling in five minutes!

Why I Started with Beautycounter

I first became interested in the direct sales business model about 3 years ago. I had a lot of friends who were involved with a direct sales company, and a few of them were actually making substantial incomes.

What really held me back was that, although some friends were doing really well, others were spammy and came across as incredibly inauthentic. They would reach out expressing interest in what I was up to only to mention a few minutes into the conversation that they would love if I tried their products or looked into their “opportunity.”

It all just felt really ‘icky’ to me, and I was afraid that I would be perceived to be inauthentic towards my family and friends.

At around the same time, I had started looking into several different ways to make money from home. We were in the midst of our journey to get out of debt, and I was staying home with our three kids. I wanted to contribute income to our family without having to leave the kids in day care.

I got started with this blog, affiliate marketing, and giving away and selling my own products. I was sharing about products that I was using all of the time, and I really loved the idea of multiple income streams.

It made me give Beautycounter a second look. I was promoting other products that I used and sharing things I loved, so why would Beautycounter be any different?

I reached out to a fellow blogger and businesswoman who I admire who had incorporated Beautycounter into her business, and I became a consultant with her as my mentor. Best decision I ever made!

Why Become a Beautycounter Consultant?

Here are five of my favorite things about becoming a Beautycounter Consultant:

1. Consultants get 25% off of all orders. A natural skincare and makeup lover’s dream! Band of Beauty Members get 10% back on all product orders towards future orders, but consultants get 25% off of all product orders! It’s amazing!

2. It’s only $98 to sign up, and you get a free travel size product (it changes occasionally, but I got the Cleansing Balm), your own business website, a makeup pouch, Beautycounter tote bag, and a ton of business resources.

3. The income potential is huge and the company is growing so quickly and becoming well-known in mainstream media that you have an amazing opportunity to make a full-time income.

4. It’s an easy sale, because most women are interested in skincare products that actually work. Plus, with my marketing strategies, I have people coming to me rather than having to reach out and hound people about the products.

5. There are no monthly minimums and you aren’t required to purchase any products to earn a commission. This is very unique to Beautycounter, because many companies require you to purchase product in order to earn your commission in a month. You could earn money without ever purchasing a Beautycounter product (but it’s always more authentic to talk about what you ACTUALLY use, of course!).

What Selling With Beautycounter Looks Like

How you run your business is completely up to you and what you’re comfortable with as well as what your strengths are. Where some people do really well with social gatherings and vendor events, others would rather talk to people one-on-one or run their business on social media. 

There is no one-size fits all approach to running a Beautycounter business. Here’s how I run my own business:

  • When I write a DIY beauty post, I mention that Beautycounter is a great option if you prefer to buy safer products rather than DIY.
  • I have a specific email list related to people who have expressed interest in safer beauty products, and I will email that segment of my list occasionally if there is a promotion or relevant content I want to share.
  • About once per week I’ll do an Instagram story about my skincare/makeup routine
  • 1-2 times per month I’ll share something about Beautycounter in a way that relates to my normal life. I just want to come to mind if people are thinking about Beautycounter.
  • I’ll do an occasional “social” (ie a Beautycounter party), but we are newer to our area and I don’t really know that many people. 
  • Occasionally I’ll send out free samples to the first 10 or so people that DM me after seeing a social media post since people love free samples.

Things I Don’t Do to Sell Beautycounter Products

  • I don’t post stock photos of Beautycounter products constantly, and I don’t only post about it when there’s a sale.
  • I don’t send social media messages or texts to old friends from high school and college just to lure them into a product conversation.
  • I don’t feel pressure to meet monthly minimums, and I’m never pressured by people on my ‘team’ to sell anything…ever. This works well for me, because I just hate being asked to do more than I can or want to do in a certain season of life (but that’s just me!).
  • I don’t lie about products working for me when they don’t. I don’t love every single product and that’s ok. Just talk about what you DO like. It makes it a million times more authentic and relatable.

I really just make Beautycounter a part of my ‘brand.’ By brand I just mean the 5-7 things that people think about when they think of me. And if you don’t know what your ‘brand’ is, that’s something we can definitely talk through. Everyone is their own unique brand of person!

What You’ll Get From Me As You Get Started

It’s so important to treat Beautycounter the way that you would treat any other business. Creating a plan for your business, honing your message, creating your own brand, and learning how to talk to others about products is a learning curve.

I have my Master in Business Administration, and I love helping others create a plan and launch their business. I am here to answer all of your questions, and I will mentor you one-on-one in your business. I see this as a full-time job, so I am here to help you along the way whenever you need it.

You will also be part of an amazing community of women who cheer each other on, share what does and does not work, and just talk about the joys and challenges.

If you’re ready to get started as a Beautycounter Consultant, you can read a little bit more about the company and create your account. Just make sure you see Sarah Nichols listed as your mentor.

If you are interested but have more questions, email me at, and we can set up a time to chat. I’ll answer all of your questions!

Sarah Nichols

Sarah Nichols, founder and content creator for Let's Talk Mom Business, has a background in business, marketing, research, and advocacy. combines her Masters in Business Administration (MBA) and experience as a Marketing Expert for B2B tech companies to help moms start and scale an online business or shake up their career after a career gap.

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