Creating a family budget does not have to be difficult or highly restrictive.  A few simple tools can radically change your ability to spend less and save more.  Here are my favorite tools for creating a budget, reducing spending, and getting cash back on everyday purchases.

Create a Customized Budget Plan

Cashback Apps

Meal Planning

  • $5 Dollar Dinners: If you love the idea of a meal plan but hate actually creating one, I highly recommend $5 Dollar Dinners. Erin outlines amazing meal plans on a budget.
  • MyFreezEasy: If you love freezer cooking or are interested in using it as part of your meal planning system, the MyFreezEasy shop is the place to start. Erin lists out all of her favorite tools, freezer meals plans, and more for making it as simple and budget-friendly as possible.
  • Real Plans:Real plans is an amazing meal planning resource, particularly for families with special diets. Real Plans helps you quickly create a meal plan based on the types of foods your family likes to eat and/or dietary restrictions.
  • Freezer Meal Planning Success Guide (FREE guide): The best meals, shopping lists, meal planner, budget, inventory tracker and more for diving into freezer cooking!
  • Free 7-Page Meal Planning Guide: These are the meal planning pages that I use to keep track of our food inventory and plan meals.

Grocery Shopping

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