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Over the past two years I have done something I never thought that I would do. I’ve gained 40 pounds. I can’t say that it’s baby weight, because I actually lost all of the baby weight after my youngest was born. This is all french fries and chocolate. I have finally decided that I’m tired of looking and feeling the way I do, so I created a fitness tracker to help keep me accountable as I work towards my goals.

I wanted something simple where I could plan my meals and snack and document when I did any physical activity. Sometimes I imagine that I’ve worked out more often than I actually have!

I’m also terrible at getting water in every day. I end up drinking coffee all day long instead of drinking an actual glass of water. I included a space to mark off my eight glasses of water throughout the day.

It’s a simple tracker, but it helps keep me on track.

If you want to follow my journey, come follow me over on Instagram where I’ll be doing updates along the way.

My plan is to schedule in my meals and workouts like an appointment in hopes that it will keep me on track.

You can download the fitness planner I created for myself if you need a little kick in the butt to get moving!

Meal planning is a really important part of my strategy. You can read all about how and why I meal plan in these posts:

I’m hoping to come back with a killer “after” photo and success journey. For now, print out the fitness tracker printable and get going on your own fitness goals.

I’d love to hear how you integrate this fitness tracker into your routine. Be sure to share what you’re up to!

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$5 Dollar Dinners: If you love the idea of a meal plan but hate actually creating one, I highly recommend $5 Dollar Dinners. Erin outlines amazing meal plans on a budget.

MyFreezEasy: If you love freezer cooking or are interested in using it as part of your meal planning system, the MyFreezEasy shop is the place to start. Erin lists out all of her favorite tools, freezer meals plans, and more for making it as simple and budget-friendly as possible.

Real Plans: Real plans is an amazing meal planning resource, particularly for families with special diets. Real Plans helps you quickly create a meal plan based on the types of foods your family likes to eat and/or dietary restrictions.

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