Are you spinning your wheels trying to get started with your blog? Do you feel like you’re never quite ready to launch?

Create a plan with actionable goals for your blog.

Grab your FREE Action Planner + Goal Setter. This printable workbook will help you crush your blogging goals.

Do you feel overwhelmed by everything you need to do to launch and promote your blog?

I felt this way for WAY longer than I’d care to admit. I was stuck for months trying to make my blog look ‘perfect,’ but I wasn’t doing the things that would actually propel my blog to success.

I listened to a podcast (I wish I could remember which one) where the podcaster said, “Done is better than perfect.”

That was a complete lightbulb moment for me, and I realized I needed to stop spinning my wheels and start doing the things that actually mattered.

I created this action plan + goal setter to plan out the ACTION I would take every day to meet my goals.

It is the place where I track all of my brainstorming ideas, keyword searches, and blog stats.

I was able to start seeing small successes in my stats, which decreased my overwhelm and allowed me to celebrate.

Don’t get stuck on the things that you can tweak and change over time. Start creating content and promoting your blog consistently.

I’m Sarah- I’m a stay-at-home mom of 3 turned blogger. I am passionate about empowering moms to take control of their family’s finances. I truly believe one of THE BEST ways to earn an income from home is with a blog. Make money from home while raising your family!

If you’re looking for a way to keep track of all of your ideas, research, statistics, and goals, grab your FREE Action Planner + Goal Setter now.

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