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All you need is 3 simple ingredients to make your own simple homemade toner recipe. This budget-friendly DIY toner recipe uses apple cider vinegar, witch hazel, rosewater to hydrate your skin and naturally balance your skin’s pH.

Facial Toner is a simple and effective budget beauty diy. Make your own homemade face toner recipe with apple cider vinegar and witch hazel with rose water and essential oils if you have them. This budget-friendly green beauty recipe is perfect for all skin types and you can make it in minutes.

I am a huge fan of making my own beauty products to switch over to more natural options while saving some money. I don’t make everything that I use, but there are several homemade products that I do like to incorporate into my routine.

Toner wasn’t even on my radar as something that I needed until more recently. I just never really saw the point of using one. It wasn’t until I started using more green and natural beauty products that I started incorporating toning into my routine. I was finding that my skin wasn’t absorbing a lot of the natural oils, and after some research, learned that toning can help with this. Since adding toner to my regimen, I haven’t had any problems.

After washing your face, your skin’s pH balance is usually a little bit off. You generally want to fall around 5.5, but using water and a cleanser can often bring your pH up as high as a 9. Bringing your pH back down to a normal state using a toner will help increase the effectiveness of the moisturizers that you use.

Why Make Your Own Toner

I love beauty products, but I also love sticking to a budget. Homemade toner is a simple recipe with only two essential ingredients, and you will save a TON of money by making it yourself. Here’s a basic cost breakdown of this recipe:

  • Witch Hazel- I bought mine for $7.99 for 12 ounces but only used 1.5 ounces = $1.00
  • Apple Cider Vinegar- I bought mine for $4.99 for 32 ounces but only used 1 ounce = $0.16
  • Rose Water- $7.29 for 8 ounces but only used 1.5 ounces = $1.37 (this is also an optional ingredient. see notes for a substitute)
  • Tea Tree essential oil- I use 6 drops = $0.60 (also an optional ingredient)

APPROX. TOTAL COST = $3.13 per 4oz bottle 

I get all of my ingredients from Thrive Market since that’s where I get the best deal. Go through my link and get a 30 day free trial PLUS an additional 25% off your first order. Stock up on the thing you need at a great price and see if Thrive Market is worth it for you.

You can also get all of these ingredients on Amazon for slightly more than what I listed above. You can find the links to products on Amazon in the recipe below.

If you’re more of a DI-Buyer than DIY-er, I LOVE the Beautycounter Countercontrol Instant Matte Toner as a green beauty buy. You can find all of Beautycounter’s toner options here.

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Simple Homemade Toner Recipe

About the Ingredients

  • Witch hazel helps to cleanse and soothe skin as well as protect it from damage.
  • Apple cider vinegar helps absorb excess oils on the skin and reduce your skin’s pH.
  • Rose water has anti-inflammatory properties that reduce redness and puffiness.
  • Tea Tree essential oil clarifies the skin and keeps in clear and smooth.

About the Toner

  1. This recipe is more of a guide to putting together your toner recipe. I tend to eyeball the recipe when making my own at home and pour it directly into the spray bottle. You can play around with ratios that work best for your skin. If you have extremely sensitive skin, I recommend reducing the apple cider vinegar a bit first if you need to make adjustments. 
  2. Rosewater with glycerin is an amazing addition to this recipe, but it is not essential. You can swap it out for distilled water if needed. Using distilled water (or water brought to a boil then cooled) will help extend the shelf life of your product since it gets rid of bacteria in the water.
  3. Tea Tree essential oil is also optional. You can leave out essential oils are add a different one that you prefer. Lavender and Frankincense are great alternatives.
  4. Ideal use is twice daily immediately after washing your face in the morning and evening but before moisturizing your skin. 

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Simple Homemade Toner Recipe

Yield: 4 ounces
Prep Time: 2 minutes
Total Time: 2 minutes

All you need is 3 simple ingredients to make your own simple homemade toner recipe. This budget-friendly DIY toner recipe uses apple cider vinegar, witch hazel, rosewater to hydrate your skin and naturally balance your skin's pH.


  • 4 ounce glass spray bottle
  • 1.5 ounces Witch Hazel
  • 1 ounce Apple Cider Vinegar
  • 1.5 ounces Rosewater*
  • Optional: 6 drops Tea Tree essential oil


  • Small Funnel
  • Measuring cup or Scale


  1. In a small bowl, mix all of the ingredients and gently stir.
  2. Using a funnel, pour all ingredients into a 4 ounce glass spray bottle (I recommend these).
  3. Shake before each use. Use 3-4 sprays on a cotton pad and apply to clean skin.**


*If you don't have Rosewater, just used distilled water or water that is brought to a gentle boil and then cooled. This will increase your product's shelf life since it gets rid of bacteria.

**It's best to use a toner after cleansing your skin and before moisturizing.

Resources I Love

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